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PUURliedjes: the listening sessions

Your favourite artists of tomorrow!
During PUURliedjes (the listening sessions) you’ll hear semi-acoustic versions of songs written by your favorite artists of tomorrow! Every Tuesday. Start: 20:00 h. Entrance: free (only accessible with a free ticket + a valid Corona Access Certificate) During the new PUURlie...djes ‘The Listening Sessions’ the focus will be on the songs and the listening experience again. In the venue there will be a cosy atmosphere and you can hear the most beautiful songs. The Line-up for this edition contains acts like: Frankie Frankie plays psych folk/ baroque pop. He is a songwriter and you might know him from his band The Ballet Bombs. As a solo act he plays something completely different. He describes it himself as “Double edged songs like stars in your hair and roots from your feet. Written like a dream but grounded in reality.” May Maema Singer-songwriter May Maema (1984) is inspired by everyday stories that life brings. Sensitive as she is, she uses her senses to pick up information from her environment. She converts those impressions, emotions and feelings into her own creations. She does magic with text and every story requires its own atmosphere, sound and music style. May Maema makes music with influences from (acoustic) rock, pop, Dutch pop, cabaret and spoken word. Celia van Onna “I enjoy making mysterious, fairytale-like music with a strange edge. I feel most inspired by nature, myths, things I dream and my view of the world. My music includes piano and singing and I also accompany myself with other instruments such as the kalimba, harp, flutes (ocarina, tin whistle), tambourine, glockenspiel and the lap harp (zither). In addition, I am accompanied by drums. The music contains influences from Celtic and different types of film music and I feel inspired by artists like Kate Bush and Agnes Obel.” Meer
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